Vendor's Booth

2022 Vendor Spaces Sold Out!

Vendor Booth Information


Hours of Operation: 5:00 pm — 10:00 pm both Fri and Sat during Rodeo. FRIDAY 10:00 am during slack you can set up and make extra money during this time, however, NOT mandatory.


Cost: $100.00 per performance night.  Booths will be issued on a first come/first served basis.  Spots will be selected by the WFPRCA committee member in charge of booths.  Please fill out the vendor application and then I will invoice you by email.  You are not guaranteed a booth until your pay your invoice.


Setup:  Thursday and Friday starting at 9:00 am , booth setup must be completed by 3:30 pm on Friday.

Booth Size:  Approximately 10′ x 8′ due to the Kay Yeager concourse walkway (fire regulations).    NO EXCEPTIONS Booth must stay within 8 feet from the wall. 


Location: In the Kay Yeager Coliseum concourse.  We expect that all concession stands will be operational according to our contract with The City of Wichita Falls so that all spaces are good spaces, however we are not in full control of the Coliseum.  


Vendor Passes: Only 2 per booth (no exceptions)  Additional vendor help during performance times will need a general admission ticket.  Please leave small children at home if possible.


*Tables and chairs and electical cords are not available PLEASE BRING ANY ITEMS NEEDED FOR YOUR BOOTH*

*Booth approval is at the discretion of the Wichita Falls PRCA Association member in charge of Vendor Booths*