PRCA and Livestock Welfare

The Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association (PRCA) is deeply committed to the proper care and treatment of the livestock used in rodeo. As an association, the PRCA:

  • has established rules and regulations governing livestock welfare,
  • created an animal welfare committee to assist in the association’s efforts to ensure proper care of livestock,
  • conducts livestock welfare surveys to identify successful practices and areas for improvement,
  • educates its membership regarding best practices for livestock handling,
  • monitors compliance with its livestock welfare rules and regulations,
  • educates the public and elected officials about the care provided to rodeo livestock,
  • networks with other organizations about best livestock practices and policies,
  • employs a director of livestock welfare to coordinate all eff orts relating to care and handling of livestock at PRCA-sanctioned events, and
  • works proactively with rodeo committees, stock contractors, contestants and veterinarians through on-site livestock field representatives to ensure all livestock at PRCA rodeos are being handled properly.