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HiLo Pro Rodeo

Hi Lo ProRodeo was birthed in 2015 from the culmination of years of investment, dreaming, and a little bit of old fashioned destiny. In 1997 our proprietor, Van Flaherty, purchased a hand full of brood mares from legendary bucking horse breeders Jim and Maggie Zinzer. That set of mares started what is now considered the fastest growing rodeo production company in the professional ranks. We are often asked where the Hi Lo name originated. The answer is friendships. World-renowned author and artist Max Evans, Hi-Lo Country and Rounders, and Van became acquainted through a shared interest in the tradition of the American Cowboy. Van is committed to preserving the American Cowboy tradition through Hi Lo ProRodeo.

Dustin Murray, General Manager
Van Flaherty,
Travis Adams,
Operations Manager

Funny Man

Shawn “Stutzy” Stutzman

I’ve always dreamed of being a rodeo clown. I grew up riding bulls, then started bullfighting , but it wasn’t until I grabbed a mic that I realized I found my true calling. I absolutely love to make people laugh and put on a family friendly show, jam packed with fresh non-stop walk and talk comedy along with big original acts such as, WILDMANIA (monster truck act), The PERV (tank act), baby grand piano, firetruck, and chic-o-matic. My show will leave you talking for weeks after the rodeo is over and wanting to come back for more.

Sound Guy

Casey Deardorff

Casey, a native of Burleson, Texas, got his start running sound at rodeos by accident. While healing from a bull riding injury, a friend of his asked him to fill in for him as the sound person at the Mesquite Championship rodeo. Not long after that, he decided to give up bull riding and go out on his own, doing sound at rodeos.


Trey Windhorst

PRCA Pro Rodeo Announcer, Trey who followed his childhood love of Rodeo into riding bulls then onto Announcing for Rodeos! Trey grew up in Louisville, KY. As a small child he and his family would go to the GLCF each year. His love for rodeo began there, he had the burning desire to climb over the chutes on to the back of a bull. After riding for several years in college, the microphone took the place of his bull rope. Trey graduated from Murray State University with a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science, and a career path he could’ve never dreamed of. He has been in the PRCA for several years now. Trey has the love and support of his family: Amber, Ollivia, and Piper. Without them he wouldn’t be where he is today. “Thank you to all my friends, family, and the man upstairs for the continued support!”

Jake Geiger

Tristan Seargeant