2018 Bull Fighters

Jason Gibbs

I’m a Christian, husband, and father I’ve been fighting bulls for 17 years and was blessed in 2010 to win the NFR Benny Binion Bucking Stock Sale protection match. Cowboy Protection has always been my thing getting to protect others and watch them live there dreams as I live my is a awesome reward. So thankful to get to travel all over on my motorcycle living my dreams. Without the support and motivation of my family it would not be possible I know I’m a blessed man.

Ace Lloyd

Within 3 seconds and 3 yards of the chute, Court Order, a bucking bull black as priest’s garments, tosses a rider into the soft dirt. The animal’s counterpart, professional bullfighter Ace Lloyd, dressed in all black, dashes forward and lays his right hand between the horns of the beast. Like a backwoods Pentecostal preacher exercising a demonic spirit, lined up eyeball to eyeball with an unthinking, primal force, Lloyd dances deftly to the left, drawing away the angry bull, allowing the fallen rider to scamper free of rear legs stomping the earth with jackhammer force.

“We’re there to protect the bull rider,” said Slidell native Lloyd. “When the rider comes off we use a lot of anticipation and cattle knowledge, what we call our savvy. We anticipate where he’s gonna come off, and we position ourselves to be between him and the bull. If he gets hung up we can jump in there and get him undone. We just basically throw ourselves in the way of danger so he can go on to the next rodeo.”

While bull riders garner fame, accolades and a collection of plate-sized belt buckles, bullfighters put their lives on the line again and again in a background role.

A bull rider only needs to hang on for 8 seconds, two times a night to make the short go round, but a bullfighter duels up to 60 bulls during a Professional Bull Riding (PBR) event.

“It’s a long, grueling job, but it’s fun,” Lloyd said. “I never was any good at riding bulls. Matter of fact, it scares me. Being an athlete I trust my legs more than I do the bulls legs. If they come at me, I know I can maneuver and cut around them.”

2018 Funny Man

Matt Tarr


2018 Rodeo Stock Contractor

Hi Lo ProRodeo

Hi Lo ProRodeo was birthed in 2015 from the culmination of years of investment, dreaming, and a little bit of old fashioned destiny. In 1997 our proprietor, Van Flaherty, purchased a hand full of brood mares from legendary bucking horse breeders Jim and Maggie Zinzer. That set of mares started what is now considered the fastest growing rodeo production company in the professional ranks. We are often asked where the Hi Lo name originated. The answer is friendships. World-renowned author and artist Max Evans, Hi-Lo Country and Rounders, and Van became acquainted through a shared interest in the tradition of the American Cowboy. Van is committed to preserving the American Cowboy tradition through Hi Lo ProRodeo.