2017 Wichita Falls PRCA Rodeo was a BIG Success!

We would like to thank all our Rodeo Sponsors, without you we could not have made the PRCA Rodeo a reality!

Wichita Falls PRCA Rodeo Association

The Wichita Falls PRCA Rodeo Association was formed in January 2015 for the purpose of bringing a PRCA sanctioned rodeo to north Texas. The Association is a non-profit organization (501c3) established for the purpose of financing a scholarship fund for the area FFA and 4-H clubs.  These future leaders show remarkable qualities in young people by demonstrating responsibility, maturity, poise and manners.  The effort it takes to raise and show an animal is a tedious and time-consuming endeavor that teaches not only the above qualities, but patience and sometimes, heart-breaking disappointment. The Board feels that these young people are worthy of our investment.  It is also an event that supports the City of Wichita Falls by attracting contestants and vendors from across the country, and providing safe and exciting family entertainment.

The History of the Association

In December of 2014, Kurt Tucker wanted to bring a sanctioned rodeo back to Wichita Falls to promote the city in a positive way and provide scholarships.  The second week in January, Sonny Deluna joined Kurt and it was decided that it was an endeavor worth pursuing so Leslie Knight and Shayne Owen were asked to join the group and the rest is history, the association articles were written and Bonnie Lane, Donnie Mayberry and Charlie King were invited to help.


Our goal is to make this venue one of the best professional rodeos on the circuit.  We contracted the best in entertainment, bull-fighting professionals, and announcer in the rodeo business today and hope that you and your families will enjoy the show and return year after year to help us put Wichita Falls on the map as a destination rodeo.